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ch4rley asked: Your voice is so beautiful and you make songs your own in a such a wonderful way, I can't wait for you to make it big some day because you really deserve it. I hope you never stop chasing your dream :)

Thank you thank you thank you. I won’t, don’t worry :)



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ionabarker asked: Your channel is amazing. I've already commented on some of your vids. You have an amazing voice, probably as amazing as Demi's :) hope you reply! I'm a guitarist and pianist also xxx

I saw your comments! Thank you so much! Oh awesome! I wish I could play piano :’) xx

positivos asked: The only thing I can ever say to you is that you are very talented, and I admire it, I hope you to be a big singer someday, because you deserve it, your voice is amazing, and your original songs are inspiring, I listen to them everytime I can, so keep on it! Be fearless :)

I love you so much. Thank you for that. You guys inspire me to be the best I can be every day and I am so thankful xx

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Out and about in NYC 7/22/14Β (x)

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Editing my assss off today ✌️

#Popshacklive ✌️ @popshack

Hogwarts tho 😏

With @LauraZocca last night 🎀